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Nutritional Supplements

Welcome to Revive Aesthetics & Welllness Center Nutritional Supplementation page. Here you'll find just a few product selections we often recommend at Revive, designed to help promote a healthy lifestyle. 
We use a full line of pharmaceutical grade supplements and products as well as work with local compounding pharmacies. Please be aware that many companies sell these products online illegally. All pharmaceutical products are medical grade and are to be sold exclusive through health care professionals. Online sites not endorsed by the pharmaceutical grade companies often sell products that may be expired, diluted, heated, damaged or counterfeit. Our companies are working hard to bring these sites down to protect the consumer but please make sure your purchase from a reputable health care provider.
From nutritional foods and supplements, you can purchase Revive's recommended medical grade nutraceuticals through two of our trusted affiliate partners - Designs for Health and Metagenics. Douglas Labs, Ortho Molecular and Standard Process is not currently set up for web orders. Call office for details.
Visit Revive's personalized webstore at for Designs For Health or for Metagenics. Once you log on, you can read more about our recommended nutritional supplements, lifestyle transformation programs and other health conditions you might be interested in learning more about. Use practitioner code: schamani for Metagenics and receive a discount on your first order, free shipping and more!
You can also call our office to order and we offer shipping for your added convenience!
Schedule an appointment to begin your individualized wellness program today!
Call (909) 393-3005.

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  • Program uniquely provides support for basic wellness in addition to strategic weight loss support*

  • Special program kits contain a 12-week program guide and a 30-day supply of nutritional products

  • Patients use one kit for each 4-week phase of the program

  • Daily nutritional support packets feature leading Metagenics formulas: PhytoMulti™, OmegaGenics™ EPA-DHA 720, and D3 1000™

  • Nutritional recommendations may be further customized to meet the needs of patients with other health support go​als*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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