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"I love the people here, Stepanie is an amazing person.  She truly cares for you.  Nikki is also so professional and caring. Such a great place.   I will never go any where else.  Highly recommend.!!!!!!"

Kara Y.


Staff and Stephanie are so amazing.  They really pamper you and make you feel loved and cared for!  A comfortable environment and high quality products to make you feel young and vibrant.

Mendi K.



Stephanie is truly amazing and extremely smart! Whatever beauty or health concern you have- Revive Aesthetics and Wellness Center will fix it! I usually come in for Laser Light treatment and a medical grade facial. My skin is always left glowing for weeks!! In addition, I love how my skin concerns are always handled with care and expertise. I never feel rushed when asking Stephanie questions- she really takes her time to answer all your questions. I drive pretty far to get here because I always know I will be in good hands. The facility is always clean and inviting. I love these girls so much- if you live in the Chino Hills area you must give this facility a try!!!

Ziva A.


I love this place. Stephanie Chamani, PA is the best. She has helped me so much through my peri menopause stage and Hashimoto thyroiditis disease. It hasn't been easy dealing with the extreme bouts of fatigue, sore achy muscles and joints, hair loss, dry skin, hot flashes, depression and feeling blah all the time. Stefani has helped me understand what's going on with my body and has prescribedthe right combo of hormone and thyroid supplements to help ease the symptoms and also keep the weight down. Ladies...if you haven't been feeling like your vivacious selves lately....I highly recommend you check this place out, they are located in Chino will love it too.


Millie P.



I've been going to Stephanie and the girls for close to 6 months now. They are simply fabulous! I've done hormone therapy, beauty treatments and weight management. I've lost weight, my face has never looked better and my energy level is up. 
The supplements I get from them rock! They're no comparison to supplements I have purchased at a local drugstore before. 
I'm so happy I found Stephanie to address any issues we women struggle with. She is easy to talk to and very knowledgable. 
Melody and Nikki are awesome too! They are very accommodating and caring. Due to my busy work hours, they weave me in their Tuesday afternoons to get my B12 shots. They don't have to accommodate to my schedule but they do and they they make me feel like they care I get my vitamin shot.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Yesenia D.



Went to revive wellness center for first time yesterday and loved it! I got a dermasweep, done by Stephanie. She was so knowledgable!!!! I was very excited to learn of all they offer. Going back for a hormone test. Super excited about having a holistic place so close to my house!!!! Definitely will be visiting this place often!

Morgan J.



"I am a spa connoisseur and I can strongly say I have rarely met someone in this business as passionate, HONEST, and knowledgable as Stephanie.  She is the main service provider at Revive.  I would trust her completely with any beauty or wellness related service you would like to have done. The staff is super nice. The spa is very clean and beautifully decorated.  You'll definitely be in good hands."

Desiree T.



"I went to Revive today to get the DermaSweep done because I am getting married in 2 weeks. I am sure you are thinking "that's not enough time to let your face heal Crazy Lady!" But you would be shocked to know not only is this the best procedure to do when you are looking to freshen the look of your skin, especially acne prone skin, but you can even do it the DAY-OF!! My face looks fantastic and the ladies in the office we're so insanely helpful! The esthetician who did the sweep on me was so friendly and knowledgable about the procedure! She recommended I do the light therapy to help prevent a breakout (with all the stress!). I would recommend Revive to anyone! The staff really knows there stuff!!"

Katie G.


"Thank you Stephanie! I lost my stubborn extra pounds faster than I thought possible. I appreciate your approach to controlling my out of control hormones. I feel the best I have felt in years."




"Revive is not only beautifully decorated, it is staffed by competent, sweet, and caring people.  I couldn't ask for a better person to schedule my appointments, answer my questions, and provide me with care than Nikki.  She is awesome!!

As for Stephanie, she is an amazing health professional who continually educates herself so that she can provide us with the best care. I have been seeing Stephanie for close to 10 years and hope that I am able to do so for many years to come.  

I encourage everyone to try Revive Aesthetics & Wellness Center.  You will not be disappointed."

Michelle S.



I drive far to come to this place because it's worth it! Great staff and very professional. Highly recommend!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Patti G.


"Just had a fire and ice facial as well as PDT light treatment.  I wanted the facial because I saw a friend that had it and her skin looked great so I was just going for the tightening aspect I guess, but she also did some Photo light therapy on me for rosacea.  I was so surprised today when I noticed my rosacea around my nose was practically gone!!! I wasn't even expecting this as an outcome but am very pleasantly surprised.  I have tried so many creams and antibiotics etc but this was quick, painless and effective in one shot!"

Jessica M.









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